Tailwind Aviation Insurance


Aircraft Owners

Tailwind Aviation Insurance offers coverage for aircraft owners, such as; flying clubs, hangars, light sport aircraft, helicopters and drones.


Our business and commercial coverage includes; agriculture aircraft, aero applications, fixed base operations, air shows and more.

Flight Schools

Flight schools, Certified Flight Instructors, aviation students, aircraft renters can have insurance coverage with our agency.

Aviation Insurance

Wayne Hitchcock has been a licensed pilot since 1986 learning to fly from a small grass strip in Oliver Springs, TN. Evelyn Bryan Johnson was his examiner from Morristown, TN at her then young age of 76.

Wayne is a commercial pilot with an instrument rating and flies from Shelbyville, TN (KSYI). With over twenty six years in the aviation insurance business, he has seen and experienced a lot and can help you with your aviation insurance concerns.

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Additional Policies

Air Shows

Air Shows & Aircraft Renters

Air shows with basic coverage for accidents and ground crews are the most recognized insurance needed. However, other forms of liability may be required. Renters coverage includes; physical damage to non-owned aircraft, third-party property damage, third-party bodily injury, legal defense costs, deductibles and other costs.

Light Sport Aircraft

Helicopters & Light Sport Aircraft

Sport pilots obtain some of the best insurance rates because of the type of flying they do and the rates reflect that affordability of the aircraft insured. Helicopter insurance includes coverage for off-shore helicopter charters, aerial photography, powerline patrols, firefighting, or logging.