Flight School Insurance

CFI Instructors

We provide flight school insurance that covers CFI Instructors. If you’re a CFI and looking for insurance, we can provide coverages for multi-engine non-owned and Rotor Wing non-owned, please contact us for details.

Flight Instructor Insurance plans covers the use of an airplane the flight instructor does not own and insurance for the instructor’s professional services of instruction, flight reviews, flight check-rides, and flight exam.

CFI Instructors

Aviation Students

Most students think their flight school has insurance.The school's insurance is to protect their interests, not the students. It may not protect students from a lawsuit if someone is injured or property is damaged. If you're responsible for damaging the rental plane, the school and their insurance company may have the right to have you pay the money to fix or replace it.

Most aircraft insurance policies are designed to protect the owner of the aircraft. Flight school policies mostly protect the flight school. Students should have their own insurance policy.

Aviation Students Insurance

Aircraft Renters

Pilots flying a non-owned aircraft should carry Aircraft Liability Insurance, Aircraft Physical Damage and Medical Payments Coverage. The liability insurance protects you against claims arising from Bodily Injury and Property Damage. If a passenger is injured or you damage someone's property, your Insurance will protect you on a per occurrence basis.

Aircraft Physical Damage coverage includes loss of use of the aircraft, will cover damage to the aircraft caused by the insured. You could be liable for the total amount of damage to the aircraft, not just the deductible. Medical Payments are included in the amount of $1,000 to cover payments for medical bills and funeral expenses of an occupant of the aircraft. Options up to $10,000 are available. In addition to medical, bodily injury coverage will help protect you against a claim.

Aircraft Renters Insurance