Aircraft Owners Insurance

Flying Clubs

Our aircraft owners insurance also covers flying clubs. Our coverage can give your club liability protection and/or hull coverage at non-commercial rates.

You can change the number of members during the policy year. Coverage protects against bodily injury and property damage. We can design policies around the structure and needs of each club.

Flying Club Insurance


Our hangar insurance coverage protects aircraft hangars and other structures.

Because your plane isn't the only thing in your hangar, we have insurance which covers physical/structural damage to your hangar and its contents. Liability coverage is available as an option.

Airplane Hangar Insurance

Light Sport Aircraft

In 2004, the new FAA Rules for Sport Pilots and Light-Sport Aircraft introduced a brand new era in recreational aviation.

Sport pilots obtain some of the best insurance rates because of the type of flying they do. Obtaining the sport pilot license can be easy, safe, and affordable. Sport aircraft insurance rates reflect that affordability of the aircraft insured.

Light Sport Aircraft Insurance


If you fly helicopters, then you’re used to getting into the air fast. We offer many options for helicopter insurance coverage and provide customer care for your specific needs.

Our insurance covers most model turbine or piston helicopters for uses such as; off-shore helicopter charters, aerial photography, powerline patrols, firefighting, or logging. And if you need insurance to attain your helicopter rating or to give helicopter rides, we got you covered there too!

Helicopter Insurance


Protect your drone and yourself against any potential liability with full-coverage insurance. Drone insurance covers unmanned aerial vehicle and unmanned aircraft system operators protection against accidental injuries or damage caused by your drone.

Our coverages include; each drone, sensor, and the ground equipment. Owners can see the difference in coverage, and the cost and term of coverage. Tailwind is proud to offer aircraft owners insurance.

Drone Insurance